School of Physics Lecture Demonstration Manual

Physics Lecture demonstration manual

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This is a quick reference demonstration catalogue compiled for first year Physics lecturers at the University of Melbourne. Included are descriptions of apparatus, experimental arrangements and brief operational details.

Suggestions regarding improvements or additions are welcome. Please direct comments or queries regarding any demonstrations listed to Nick

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In: Electricity & Magnetism / Forces & fields from currents

Ea-9 Attraction and Repulsion Currents

Published: Thursday 25 November 2010

To demonstrate that currents will attract or repel depending whether they are parallel or anti-parallel.

In: Wave motion / Standing waves

Wb-9 Circular Standing Waves (The Ring of Fire)

Published: Wednesday 23 September 2009

To demonstrate circular standing waves in a pipe using sound waves and gas jets to indicate the pressure profile. May be useful when discussing the Bohr theory of the atom and the quantization of electron orbits.

In: Mechanics / Kinematics & Dynamics

Ma-5 Hotwheels Track

Published: Monday 22 June 2009

To demonstrate that an object rolled down a U-shaped track will roll up to the same height as it was released. Also, if the object (Hotwheels car) is rolled down a hill onto a flat track, the object will keep rolling until it is acted upon by an outside force.

In: Astronomy/Astrophysics

Aa-3 Gravity Drum

Published: Monday 22 June 2009

To demonstrate a model of gravity being the result of the curvature of space/time.

In: Mechanics / Kinematics & Dynamics

Ma-4 Projectile Cart

Published: Thursday 14 May 2009

To demonstrate the independence of horizontal and vertical motion.

In: Mechanics / Rotational Motion & Gyroscopes

Mi-10 Flattening of the Poles

Published: Thursday 30 April 2009

To demonstrate the flattening of 2 rings under the influence of the centrifugal force.

In: Electricity & Magnetism / Magnetic properties of Matter

Eh-9 Core memory

Published: Thursday 07 June 2007

To demonstrate a piece of ferrite core memory from an old PDP11 computer.

In: Mechanics / Central Forces

Mf-3 Watts governor

Published: Thursday 07 June 2007

To demonstrate the principles behind the Watts governor.

In: Heat & Thermodynamics / Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics

Hg-1 Chemical Clock A+B

Published: Wednesday 06 June 2007

To demonstrate a cyclic chemical reaction, the Belousov- Zhabotinskii reaction.

In: Fluids & Surface tension / Hydrodynamics & Bernoullis law

Fc-10 Viscosity (Stokes Law)

Published: Wednesday 06 June 2007

To demonstrate Stokes law. This states that when a body moves through a fluid the viscous resistive force is proportional to the radius a and its velocity v.