School of Physics Lecture Demonstration Manual

Oh-2 Leitz Polarising Attachment

Published: Wednesday 15 March 2006 - Updated: Monday 28 March 2011


To demonstrate polarisation and its effects.



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Leitz Polarisation Diagram


The Leitz Projector combined with the polarising attachment permits the projection of many polarised light phenomena. The following experiments in the field of optical crystallography can be demonstrated:

  1.  Behavour of anisotropic bodies in linearly and circularly polarised light. Interference phenomena in polarised, monochromatic, and white light.
  2.  Determination of the relative magnitude of refractive indices by the use of the lambda or lambda/4 plate.
  3.  Measurement of phase diffrences with a quartz wedge with the lambda/4 plate-(method according to Senarmont) or with the rotating compensator according to Berek.
  4.  Interference figures of uni- and bi-axial crystals.
  5.  Determination of the optical character in the interference figure with the aid of the lambda or lambda/4 plate or of the rotating compensator according to Berek.
  6.  Measurement of the axial angle of a mica plate.
  7.  Dichroism.
  8.  Optical rotatory power and rotatory dispersion.
  9.  Strain birefringence.

Safety notes

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