School of Physics Lecture Demonstration Manual

Fc-1 Ping pong ball in air stream

Published: Monday 13 March 2006 - Updated: Tuesday 29 March 2011


To Demonstrate how airflow can cause floatation.



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Ping Pong Ball in Air Stream (Vertical)

Ping Pong Ball in Air Stream (Angled)

Ping pong Ball Diagram


Ping Pong Ball In Air Stream


The ping pong ball is carefully released into the vertical air stream obtained from the outlet end of a vacuum cleaner at a distance of approximately 30 cm from the hose. By slowly tilting the hose outlet the ball can remain suspended to an angle of about 30°.

It is also fun to replace the ping pong ball with a large light beach ball or large balloon. The distances are magnified and the spinning ball is visually appealing

Safety notes

Electrical safety 


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