School of Physics Lecture Demonstration Manual

Electrical Safety

If a demonstration uses any electrical equipment, there may be an electrocution risk.

Ensure the following

  • the apparatus in use has an up to date electrical safety tag (tag ’n’ test) label attached to the power lead.
  • the apparatus is connected to a Residual Current Device (Safety Switch)
  • the apparatus is only operated by the lecturer or trained personnel.
  • always carry-out a visual inspection of the apparatus before performing the demonstration.
  • Be aware of any tripping hazards due to leads on the floor
  • DO NOT use electrical equipment if something has been spilled on or near the equipment.
  • DO NOT attempt to service any electrical apparatus unless you are qualified.

If there is an accident act quickly.

First ensure you will not be put in danger of electrical shock by attempting to help the victim. Switch off the electrical supply before removing the casualty. If breathing has stopped artificial respiration must be begun at once (see First aid), if possible by the first aid officer.

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